Sunday, March 17, 2013


We will be having funeral services for David Littlefield on Tuesday, March 5th from 4-5 p.m. It will be at this LDS chapel: 1276 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA. He will later be buried in Sandy, Utah. If you know anyone that would like to know this information, please do pass it along.

David Littlefield will be buried on Thursday, March 14th at 3:00 p.m. in Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery (1950 E 10600 S Sandy, UT). There will be a brief dedicatory prayer. We welcome anyone to join us, but please understand that there will be no service at that time.

J. Littlefield
For those who haven't heard, my dad David Littlefield died from a heart attack last night. We've tried to make sure everyone heard the news through friends and family, and I apologize if anyone is hearing it on Facebook for the first time. So heartbroken; we all loved him so much and he was way to young for something like this. We drove all night and are in Cali now trying to figure everything out and will post details about services later.

Karen Perdue
My lifelong best friend and brother David Littlefield passed away unexpectedly on the 28th from a heart attack. He is an honorable man, full of love and laughter. I cannot fathom the thought of never being able to talk to him again. He is the person I went to when I wanted an honest and wise perspective. Never a harsh word did he speak. Never gossiped and saw the best in people.

He passed away the same day my father did 37 years ago. I'm sure my father was there to greet him, but I know his dog Socrates jumped into his arms first.


"I remember going to Uncle Dave’s office when I was younger and him to show me all of his magic tricks. He would have one arm longer than the other, he would swallow his keys, and lose some coins in his ear. He would always give me candy and ask me how my days at school were going. As I entered his office, he’d greet me with “Hey there Booboo-a-gogo!” and a warm hug.

I remember drinking water in my dad’s office with Uncle Dave by my side. I swallowed it the wrong way and started coughing and couldn’t stop. He smiled at me and giggled while saying, “You need to learn to chew your water better.” That sense of humor always brought a smile to my face.

I remember him being Santa Claus for Christmas every year. I realized it was him from such a young age with his heartfelt laugh and rosy cheeks. I asked him about it quite a few times and he always denied it to keep the dream living.

I remember him asking me if I liked bananas. Telling him it was my favorite fruit at the time, he said, “Well you know why that is? It’s because you were a monkey before. Monkey’s favorite fruit is banana and since we came from monkey’s that explains why it’s your favorite fruit.”

I remember as my cousins and I were running around the house aimlessly finding something to do, he would always try to find different ways to entertain us and keep us happy. He showed us motor scooters and rubber-band guns and so much more."

My dear brother-in-law David passed away today. He had a heart attack, so young, only 54 years old. Life is so fragile, I am extremely sad for my mother-in-law, his wife and his children. I am still in real shock, I can't believe I was talking with him just a couple days ago. He was a great man and fantastic human being with an incredible sense of humor, always smiling, making us laugh with his jokes. He was a great brother, husband, brother-in-law, friend, and human being. We are all going to miss him so much, we all love you so much, uncle David, you will live in our hearts forever. I thank God for having you in our life. -Gigi


I miss him so bad already words can't describe my pain and agony, aunt mary I love you,should you need anything please call, jamie ryan mark and luke I love you all as brother and sisters my heart aches dearly I wish I could hug you all ,his father in heaven and his dad met him with open arms, uncle Dave I just hope you know how much I really love you and miss you to no end

Our Birth and our Death is part of Nature, God's Plan of Life and the Circle of Life-

When our lives come to an end and we pass forward we leave our loved ones behind - Our New Life and Journey is in the hands of our Creator - David lived a full but short life.

With us nothing do we Bring into the World and with us nothing do we Take - But we leave our lifes work and Loved ones behind us - When those that we Love and those that Touch us Die - We are reminded of our Own mortality and the valve of our precious days of life on Earth - Death calls everything about life into Question - Many Questions - Life and Death is a public and very private Matter- Death is a wound more to those Left Behind-

With the Life and Death questions, often comes a Mix of emotions - Denial- Anger - Rage -Sorrow -Pain - Regret - Resentment -..........................
Some of the Emotions will be Directed at those who have Died- To the CREATOR - and to others in general .............. Some of these Wounds cannot be easily healed - Time can help us to deal with the discomfort -

When we Die or when those that we Love Die - I would hope that we would extend the following to others and ourselves-

Forgiveness for our Humanity, Imperfections and Offenses.
A Focus on our Acheivements, Intentions and the Good things that we have done in life.
That those that are left Behind, Strive to do their best in Live and to Move forward.
That those that are left behind Move forward with positive Focus - To forgive each other- and To build each other UP

How do we deal with Death?

Celebrate? Yes Celebrate the Life and Time that We shared With David Littlefield - Be thankful for His Life, Art, Time, Person, Stories, Special Person, ............................... Make your Own List

Mourn - You Must deal with The Pain - Do not go into denial - Mourning and feeling the Pain is Part of the Healing - Mouning helps us to release the Pain - Mourning allows us to Accept that which is Hard to accept- We must LET GO - In Death We can Reset our life - Mourning is a Process, and it Takes Time - LET GO of all Negativity - DO NOT hold bad feelings toward anyone - Move forward to the positive with forgiveness to all - The Forgiveness is the Key to moving Forward

Comfort -

We should Reflect and Ponder on the Good of those that Die - We should Let those that Die REST IN PEACE - We should share comfort and words of Faith and encouragement to Others and Each Other -

My Father (Glen Lyle Littlefield ) Died when I was 16 years old - Life was not perfect before he died and That death added some problems - I never really quite understood My father's death - A friend of My Died in the Late 1990s- And I was again Challenged By his Death - I was asked By his Family to Speak at His Funeral - I shared with you What helped me in dealing with Death - It is not Perfect - but I hope it Helps-

Farewell to My big brother we had so much left to fight and argue about, if I knew you were leaving so soon I would have fought with you a lot more. Thank You for all of your Mormon Mysticism,
other books and writings

you said

"I am just an average LDS guy living with his family in Southern California. I have no special education or fame, what I say stands on it's own merits"

Again I argue with your statement, and I say that you were a lot more than average - I am so heart broken you left us all so quickly you were so much a part of my reality and an anchor to keep me on the right path and to be faithful to God.

Thank You for sharing your life and family with us.
If we ever had a disagreement I could never be mad long because of your life of goodness, kindness and caring.

You are a light and a beacon and you are a servant of God-
Your books are practical, helpful and guideposts to help us to repent, improve and to know God and to help us know the features and benefits of wanting to live the Godly life.

David, now it is your time and turn to receive Amazing grace and to be able to partake, eat and taste the fruit of the Tree of Life.

David I love you, you move me and you helped me to grow- You taught more by example even though you wrote many books.

I could go on and on with my comments - And with God there is no death Above. And with God Life goes on and on and on.................

You were my big brother and a dad to me when I did not have one. I enjoyed the fact that were shared a lot more time together in the last two years and that we ate, worked and played together.

Farewell Big Brother
May GOD And His Angles Receive you in Light - May your Journey in the Heavens Take you to the Place of Life and Light - Though your Body now Rest your Spirit is Free - We send you Off with our Prayers and Good Wishes - We will not forget You - You Have made Us rich and taught Us Well

Save me a spot when the Time is right. Tell everyone I said Hi, Ask God and the Angels to send us some amazing Grace we all need some Grace and may we all partake of the tree of Life - May we all be quick to forgive. And be quick to know God.

Love your little Brother, Friend, Thank You


Angel Littlefield Carpenter 

I'm very sorry to hear the news of David's passing and hope all the family is comforted at this difficult time. I was just a little kid when David came to live with our family for a while when we lived in California. My mom says this was before he went on a mission. My mom and I had just connected with him on Facebook not long ago. We enjoyed swapping family photos.
My dad is Lee Littlefield who passed away 10 years ago at age 84.

D. Burdick
David, I will really miss you. We shared a lot of great times as well as some challenges, and you always remained kind, compassionate and classy.

N.P. Grodt
Uncle David......we are all in so much shock. You will be truly missed! No words can describe! I love you!!!!!

We will miss you, Dave!
♥ David, Aileen & Adam

R. DaVanzo

A message to David's Family. I am so sorry for the sudden loss of David. He is one of the kindest and funniest men I have ever known. I can not imagine the pain that you must feel at this time and I want you to know that my prayers are with you. The world is a much better place and I am a much better person because David was here. Love to you, Gina (Beena, as David called me)

A.B. Moser
I still can't believe that this has happened. Dave was a great man, a great example. My love and prayers are with Mary and the family. I hope that there is some way in which I can help in this time of grief. So wonderful to have the knowledge of the gospel, may it bring comfort and peace to all the Littlefield family.
I am so sorry for the loss of this wonderful man that I looked up to as a great example. His knowledge of the Gospel, his love for his fellowman is a goal I hope I can achieve. He was a kind and caring man who helped anyway he could, me especially. You will be missed.

March 06, 2013
David, I cannot believe you left us so soon - I will remember you forever, yes David letting go is really hard - I morn more for me than you just because it hurts so bad - you left a hole in my heart, in the family, and the world.
My mind has a hard time believing you are not here - David I love you and miss you - Into the arms of the Angels you Go
March 06, 2013
Please know of my heartfelt sympathy for your loss at this time. Wrap your wonderful memories around you, and may you be blessed with His peace. Much love, Evelyn Callister
March 04, 2013
Littlefield Family, I'm so sorry that your beloved husband and father is no longer with you physically but I'm sure that he is still rooting for you on the other side.
All of my love, Alice Watson

J. Littlefield
More than anything, David Littlefield (1957-2013), will be remembered for his generous spirit. David was born to Marilyn and Glenn Littlefield in 1957. He had an adventurous childhood with his four siblings, full of bike rides and schemes. One of the most significant turning points of his life was choosing to go on an LDS mission to Roanoke, Virginia. While there, he learned to love and serve, and he imagined the kind of life he wanted to create for himself. When he returned, he met his sweetheart Mary Martin and pulled up to her house on a motorcycle for their very first date. They fell in love and were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. They went on to have four kids, and he was the best Dad anyone could ask for. He was always hilarious, always gentle, always looking for the best in his kids. He taught his children to be strong, to laugh at themselves, and to always keep an eye out for others. At birthday parties for his kids, nieces, and nephews, he would sneak out into the garage, put on a gorilla suit, and surprise the family by running off with the birthday child. During Christmas would dress up as you-know-who while all the kids, and the adults that could be persuaded, told him what they wanted. He would also show up in costume for neighbors, ward members, and families that he knew needed a little Christmas cheer that year. He would take off late at night to drop off piles of presents for families and neighbors that might not otherwise have had them. He spent a significant amount of time fixing up a group home for children and often volunteered for the overnight shift at a homeless shelter. Too many times to count, he gave money to people that were struggling even if that meant he would get further behind on his own bills. He knew many of the homeless near his work by name and would take time out of his day to talk with them and give them a meal or some financial assistance. He opened up his home to families that needed a place to stay. In at least two instances, he was able to save someone’s life. In the halls during an LDS ward meeting, he administered emergency mouth-to-mouth to a baby that had stopped breathing when no one else knew what to do. And, once in the drive through of a Jack-in-the-Box, he noticed a patio diner choking, got out of his car, did the Heimlich maneuver, and got back in line to order a burger and his large Diet Coke. David loved studying the LDS religion and would spend hours marking up articles and writing his own books. He loved sharing what he learned with others through discussions and his blog. He was always up for a lively debate and always kept a good humor even when others didn’t share his views. He served diligently in every church calling he had, and was never hesitant to visit a family, give blessings, or take someone to the hospital in the middle of the night. David worked harder than anyone we know. He often spent 14-hour days toiling over a project or trying to meet a deadline. When things got tough, he would stay positive and just work harder. He never really took a vacation or had a break in his whole adult life. But he never complained because he truly believed that he was doing it for the people that he loved. For his family, for his friends, for the ability to help those that were in need. David gave so much to everyone he encountered, always with his jolly attitude, his good natured playfulness, and his love of life. For all of us, David, thank you


February 28, 2013. It was another day just like any other day, bright and sunny in his Simi  Valley, California home, David was busy working in his downstairs home office trying to stay ahead in trying times, by 10:51 in the  morning he was sending off emails of completed living trust for friends and and previous employees. By 11:00 in the morning David already made $200 but the bills and taxes were always heavy.

Dave and his son took a late lunch at about 1:00 they went out to eat, it was a fun lunch and a short lunch with no complaints. They came back home rested a while then Dave was again getting ready for the rest of his day.

Dave had a full day planned, he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles at about 5:00 in the evening to create a website and work on some other website. David was working in his office getting prepared to head down to Los Angeles. David was doing research and working on his Mac coming up with ideas and presentation materials.

David was feeling a little under the weather and maybe a lingering flu or cold. But this day was a bit different something with Dave did not feel right, Dave knew something was wrong he was feeling
faint, dizzy, weak and light headed, David had a feeling that his flu was not going away and that he was not getting better as quick as he should. David had high blood pressure but had it under control.

David was breathing deep and and felt new pains in his chest. David was trying to relax and get thru this hurdle of discomfort with deliberate paced breathing. David was trying to deny what was happening and was trying to minimize the whole incident. David called out to his son who was upstairs David expressed to his son that he was not feeling well and would like his son to take Dave to Olive View U.C.L.A Hospital in Sylmar California, about a 25 miles ride. Dave insisted on to Olive View even though it was further but better equipped.

David had been to Olive View about 4 years earlier for a broken ankle. David was comfortable with the service and care he received in the past. David wanted to go where his was familiar with the policies, procedures and care. Olive View had David in their files.. and the price was right.

After getting ready and after a few delays David with his son driving headed to Olive View. David was rather quiet but awake durning his ride to the hospital. Dave's son drove up to the hospital, parked the car, and went into the hospital to get a wheel chair. David decided to walk himself into the waiting room and took a seat.

David got up and out of his chair and was helped in the wheel chair inside of the waiting room.
David sat down in the wheel chair fainted, went to sleep and was not able to be woken up. They all tried to wake David up. David died on February 28, 2013.

That is the short part of the story David was leaving his house, David was back to his real home.
This blog is the starting place for me to tell the story about my brother who died too early for us all.
This is my tribute to my big brother.